Why Us

Our Pricing Explained

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The effort we go to

All our pets posted on the website or sourced directly for you undergo a great deal of processing before we even show their images to you.

It’s a huge effort to ensure our standards are kept high, our breeders are happy, our puppies are going to the right home, our customers get the perfect companion and at the same time we need to spread the word about Airtails. It’s a full time job for our effective team of of dog lovers at Airtails.

Pet Care

We treat each pet like as though they were our own. All our pets are treated with the highest respect and care, we love these little furry pups as though they were our own. 🙂
In fact, we actually meet every single pup. It’s a great feeling of joy and satisfaction knowing this little puppy we meet will eventually be the life and sole of their new family for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

We want every customer to have a special journey meeting their pet, an adventure we hope. During this adventure we treat each customer with special care and attentions to ensure everyone finds the perfect pet.

Breeder Relationship Building

There are no exceptions made for the breeders either. We strive to build solid relationships with our network of breeders. Our breeders are the source of all our awesome pets, we make every effort to give our breeders special care and attention also.

Our efforts

We make a great deal of effort getting our pets to their new owners. It take months of preparations and planning to provide a puppy to its new home.

If you interested in the entire process we undergo to get your puppy to its new family check out Our Process.

Why we seem expensive

Our pricing is based on the high business cost we incur to offer our customers the best in class of service.

Here a few things we need to pay for which you’re probably not aware of:

  1. The breeders selling price (which accounts for the majority of the price)
  2. The vet costs for all the visits and services including vaccinations
  3. The logistics to get you pet back and forth for vet’s, airport travel etc
  4. Boarding and feeding of the pet while waiting on delivery
  5. Agents and logistics coordinators costs
  6. Kennel Club and Pet Passport registration
  7. Our teams cost for everything for the service we offer, end to end
  8. Of course, marketing and advertisement of the pets online to reach our customers

Air Freight Costs

Air travel of pets can be high. This is of course a unique service which not every airline can offer.

There is handling and processing of the pet at the departure airport, the first flight leg, handling and care of the pet during the layover, then again the final flight leg. Finally the airlines have to offload and process the pet into customs clearance at the final destination.

It’s a pretty big deal to deliver a pet by air, your pet can’t exactly walk around the airport and check in themselves… They need special attention throughout the entire process.