Responsible Pet Owners

Responsible Pet Owners

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We want every Puppy to find it’s perfect owner, which means we also want every owner to find the perfect Puppy.


Responsible Pet Owners (RPO) explained

Each Responsible Pet Owner (or RPO) may consider the terms to mean different thing and also reflect different responsibilities etc, which is completely fine and we 100% agree. Every situation, Pet and Owner is unique, we cannot determine for sure who is and isn’t a RPO.

However, there are a few matter which we believe are standard to any RPO so we would like to summarise our idea of the standard re in a short statement:

Responsible Pet Owners ensure their pet is kept in good health, they ensure their pet is fed well with a balanced diet, exercised regularly and kept clean and in good hygiene, no exception.

Although the above statement is clear on a responsibility level we also feel that being a responsible Pet owner requires love and respect towards your pet’s. Pet’s love their owners more than anything in the world, please return the love back and do the best you can with your pet to ensure he/she has a happy and stress free life.


Being a Dog Owner is a way of Life

Part of being a Dog owner is taking a lot of time out of your life for your Pet. We’ve created some basic tips for owning your first Dog which can save you hours of frustration. The tips aren’t intended to be a “Complete Guide” to owning a Dog, rather its just some simple basic things to remember before making the best decision of your life in owning your first Pup!

Check out our Dog Owners Quick Guide for some back to basics tips on owning a loving Pooch.


It’s easy to become a Pet Owner

There are various ways to get started as a Pet Owner with Airtails. All of the routes are easy and straightforward.

Here are the initial options to get started:

  1. Contact us – Contact form also below
  2. Place a deposit on a Pet
  3. Complete the Responsible Pet Owner Application below, then we’ll contact you.

Whichever route you choose you’ll still need to fill out a Responsible Pet Owner Application and provide us some documentation but it doesn’t matter too much which order you do it in.

Note – Pet’s are sold on a first come basis. For that reason you may want to consider putting down a deposit on a Pet you love immediately to reserve he/she. Otherwise if you have some time before you’ll be making a your final decision we recommend completing the application below in the meantime.


Check out our Pet Owner Application Process for easy step by step application instructions