Purchase Terms & Conditions

Purchase Terms & Conditions

We’ve highlighted a few standard purchase terms and conditions which apply to every pet sold from Airtails.

Reserving Pets

  • Airtails works on a strictly “First come” basis, which means if you do not secure a deposit for your pet we cannot reserve the pet for you.
  • Anyone visiting our website is welcome to reserve a Puppy on impulse or after speaking with our team.
  • The faster you place a deposit on a pet the more likely you can reserve the pet.

Purchase Requirements

  • Each customer has to complete the **responsible pet owner application** before we provide the pet they desire. This can be done after the payment is received, which allows you to secure your dream Puppy
  • If the customer doesn’t meet the criteria for that particular breed or we find out the applications has been falsely complete we will refund the deposit minus 50 USD for processing, however this will only be done if the application is complete within 48 hours
  • There is room for any customer to own any breed they wish. We’re always looking to help any customer find the perfect pet match, even if the breed you’re seeking is a bigger challenge for you, we’re here to support you, provide advice, help you and make it all work out. However, as you can understand it’s impossible to own certain breeds in certain circumstances.



  • We ask for 25% deposit on all Puppies throughout our website
  • Full balance to be paid when one of the following criteria is met:
  • Puppy age reaches 12 weeks
  • 2 weeks before expected arrival
  • Prior to booking shipment
  • Prior to any long term boarding (holding requirements)
  • Each customer should complete the responsible pet owner application within 48 hours after receiving the deposit

General Terms

Our dogs are sold directly in collaboration with the Breeders and as such we cannot guarantee that the dog has not already been sold by the breeder. We make every attempt to keep constant contact with the breeder to ensure all our pets are 100% available for you. In the unlikely event the dog has been sold and you’ve already paid the deposit, a full refund will be given to the customer if we cannot find another matching dog within 2 weeks.


Cancellation of Deposits:

– If you cancel within 48 hours you’ll receive a full refund minus fees, usually 50 USD. This full return policy may not apply to you if we’re sourcing a dog specifically for you or special circumstances exist. We’ll discuss this with you well before
– If we receive no communications from the customer for 48 hours we reserve the right to label the pet as available again and sell to another customer. The deposit will be not be refunded however we can use the deposit for another Pet within 30 days of original deposit payment.

Cancellation of the dog after full price paid:

  • If full balance is cancelled within 48 hour you will receive a refund minus the deposit amount provided that the following terms have not been met:
  • Puppy is no older than 14 weeks
  • Pedigree has been transferred to your name
  • If the flights have been paid, customers will receive no refund on the flight price, otherwise a full refund for the flight will be complete.
  • After 14 weeks ages / 48 hours after balance is paid, we will offer a 25% refund on the full price. We may be able to offer more on a case by case basis depending on any losses incurred.

Sourcing Pets

Sourcing Deposits – First Option

  • $250 initial deposit is required for initial upfront deposit which allows us a 15 days period to source a single option dog according to your requirements
  • We enforce our search using our best skills and methods to find you the perfect puppy, no exceptions.
  • The first dog we find for the customer will meet our all high quality standards
  • Deposits are non-refundable once we start the search, however you will be granted a full refund minus processing fee (usually $50 USD) if we cannot find you a Puppy according to your requirements
  • The full price of the pet will be estimated to you at the beginning, however each breeder will have their own pricing so you may be required to pay slightly more or slightly less, highly depending on the breeder.
  • Airtails will negotiate the price with the breeder to keep your costs down as much as possible.

Sourcing Deposits – Rare Pets

  • $500 initial deposit is required for rare coat colours / breeds
  • For rare breeds we require 30 days period to source down your dream pup

Sourcing Deposits – 2-3 Options

  • To find a 2nd or 3rd option puppy we require a an extra $250 deposit.
  • The additional options deposit allows us a further 30 days sourcing period.
  • If we find other suitable puppies meeting your exact requirements but you’re still not interested we have the right to cancel your order.
  • If you choose or we decide to cancel the order after searching for additional options we will retain the initial deposit for our services but will refund you the additional $250 deposit for further options.
  • If we cannot find your dream puppy after the initial or secondary deposits we can keep on searching for more puppies free of charge for another 15 days, if you are willing to change the requirements to allow our search to be easier (coat colours slightly different, bloodline requirements, champion parents etc).

Sourcing Deposits – Balance Payment

  • All sourcing deposits will be deducted from the final price of the Puppy.
  • Once we find the puppy we can reserve the puppy with the breeder for a maximum of 48 hours, after which we have no guarantee that the breeder will not sell the dog to someone else
  • If the balance payment takes longer than 48 hours and the dog is sold to another owner via the breeders network, we cannot issue a refund for the deposit, however we can continue the search using additional the additional options deposits services

Purchase Rights

  • We reserve the right to refuse any Pet to any customer without justification or explanation.
  • Customers will not be granted special privileges, the pets come first and as such we’re make decisions based primarily on those basis.
  • We ask all customers to be be reasonable, honest and understanding of our methods.


If you have any questions regarding our purchase terms and conditions or would like to know more please get in touch with us and we’ll try to explain everything as best we can.

Final note

Airtails is focused on pet safety and wellbeing and second only to that is customer satisfaction. We’ll do everything we can to be flexible and fair to every customer.

We want our customers to be happy using Airtails, so don’t worry about a thing, we’re here to help and keep you and your new pet happy!