Pet Delivery

Pet Delivery

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We know air delivery of your pet can be a massive worry, in fact feedback has shown that the air delivery part alone is the single most negative reason why people are unsure about Airtails.  

Pet Air Travel benefits

  • Safest way for Pet to travel
  • Fast
  • Specialised Pet devices offered
  • Pet Import process is quicker

Don’t worry!

Lets face it, everyone looking at this page already has doubts about air travel for their new pet, however we can ensure you, we only use air travel purely because it’s the safest way to travel and we’ve been delivering Pets by air for over 11 years. Granted, Airtails has not been around for 11 years, however, our core team have been shipping pets since 2005…

To this day, no major issues have ever been noted.

Airtails is 100% upfront with all our customers, which means we cannot promise no issues, such as flight delays or cancellations etc.

It’s impossible to completely avoid issues with air travel. We’re sure many of you out there have had delays, cancellations and beyond when travelling by air, correct? Unfortunately the same goes with Pet travel…

We can promise however, we use only the best Pet friendly airlines around and strive to.

We promise you and all our customers that air travel is still the safest mode of transport, not just of for humans but also your pets 🙂


Let’s look deeper into our process so you understand exactly how much effort we make to ensure each Pet arrived safe and happy.

Importation of Pets

Most countries have a fairly easy process for importing Pets. If we have an agent available in your country we can actually import your pet under the agent’s name to save any hassle on your behalf.

If no agents are available in your country then we’ll help you arrange to import your Pet under your own name. This process can vary from country to country but we’ll help and support you our along the way. Our team has been shipping Pets for years so we’re well accustomed with all the importation requirements throughout the world.

Pet Passports

Pet’s also require passports to travel and be imported.

No need to worry about this aspect though as all Airtails Pets come with EU Pet Passport, which are accepted globally.

Dog Air Travel

Air Travel for Dogs is still the safest and fastest way to travel for your beloved Pets. All shapes and sizes of Dogs can travel by air, there are no major restrictions for Canine air travel.

The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) governs the rules and regulation for animal air travel.

Airtails fully complies with IATA regulation for all requirements regarding animal air travel so you don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll take care of the whole process.

Airtails Approved Airlines

We primarily use both KLM and Lufthansa for Pet air travel. Both these airlines have excellent pet handling facilities, so good in fact they are probably the best animal handling airlines in the world.

Check out these short videos for more details regarding KLM and Lufthansa Pet handling capabilities


Lufthansa (Video Courtesy of


All our Pets travel in IATA approved plastic crates. If the Pet is fully grown larger Breed we may need to build a custom wooden crate just for your pet as the plastics ones have a maximum size and weight limit.

Crate travel is actually more comfortable than you think. The pets have plenty of room to move around, they have a water bowl and food bowl, which will be filled up by airline staff.

During any layover the Pets will be taken out of the crate and placed in the Pet lounges. This allows the Pets to stretch their legs and later they’ll be placed in individual kennels for rest and feeding. They will even be walked around by airlines staff if the layover is long enough.

Carry on – Accompanied / Escorted Pets

Depending on the airline, Breed and age of the pet some pets can be hand carried on the aircraft and with a passenger, awesome right?

This means you can actually come and collect your Pet and bring them home with you!

Airtails actually offers this escort service for certain locations. One of our team will travel with your Pet all the way through the journey to meet you at the final location.

Don’t worry if your pet will not be travelling in the passenger cabin though, the cargo holds are equally pressurised and temperature controller similar to the passenger cabin and completely safe.

On Arrival

When Pets arrive to their final destination they have to be processed in customs clearance before they can leave the airport to their new home. This shouldn’t take very long, but it depends on each countries holding process.

For our primary locations, we insist on picking your Pet up from the airport and taking them for a wash and dry before heading over to the vets for a quick checkup and registration.

As you can imagine, not all puppies can hold in the toilet during the travel so 80% of the time the Puppy will need a quick bath and dry before being introduced to their new families.

Vet Check

We perform all Vet checks on our side before shipping any pet of course, however it’s our mandatory requirement to get a Vet check when your new Puppy arrives. We just want to check over the little guy/girl to make sure they’re all fine after their travels. There is nothing to worry about, this is just an extra precaution.

Some countries also require each Pet to be registered with a Vet and all vaccinations recorded on the country database etc so this initial Vet check will allow you to complete both registration and check over your new Pet before the fun begins 🙂


There has various paperwork requirements which vary from country to country. All the documents we require from your side will be mentioned very early on in the shipping process so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

Here is a list of the standard documentation we require for most countries:

  1. Owner Passport
  2. Owner residence VISA (if not a national)
  3. Import Permit (We’ll assist you with this)

More documentation may be required depending on country importation regulations.

Any documents required for your Pets arrival will be send to you via email and also the original (such as Pet passport, Pet certificate and Pedigree etc) will be attached the side of the crate for customer clearance.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s actually not a difficult process, Airtails will take care of nearly everything for you!

Check out of FAQ if you still have any doubts or questions regarding Pet delivery.

Feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions regarding delivery or would like to start making arrangements for a pet delivery.