Our Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities

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Buying a pet is a big deal for most people. There are lots of things to consider before buying your dream pet. Airtails wants to ease your concerns and make the process stress free.

Actually, one of the biggest worries we hear about from customer is regarding trusting breeder and of course trusting Airtails.

Let’s get serious

We take our jobs very seriously. All the efforts we undertake are focused on pet safety, customer and breeder satisfaction, no exceptions.

Airtails Priorities

  1. Pets Safety, Wellbeing and general Livelihood comes first over everything
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Breeders Satisfaction
  4. Business Success
  5. Directors Comfort

These priorities are a way of life at Airtails.

If you have an concerns regarding our priorities we’re here to listen so get in touch to tell us more.

Can I Trust Airtails?

This page will hopefully ease any concerns you have about Airtails or the breeders.

Our responsibilities as a pet sourcing and online pet shop are based on ethical, moral and professional obligations to ensure the pets are 100% cared for and safe.

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Our Responsibilities to the Pets


We take our responsibilities with the pets very seriously.

  1. Our priority is the pets health and safety first and foremost
  2. Ensure the customer is educated on the responsibilities of owning a puppy
  3. To monitor breeders activities i.e. no inline breeding or over breeding
  4. Ensure all vet checks are done 100% correctly for high quality professional
  5. To locate the perfect home and match the perfect family for Airtails puppies
  6. No puppy will be sold unless we feel the customers has been honest and genuine


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Our Responsibilities to the Customers


Our customers are the 2nd highest priority to us, considering you’ll be taking care of our lovely pets for the rest of their lives, we want to make sure you have all the information you need and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the right pet.

  1. Find customers the perfect family companion with no judgment on circumstances, only advice down to our professional opinion.
  2. Deliver a professional service from start to finish and beyond
  3. Background check all breeders and pets
  4. Provide excellent advice and professional after care service
  5. Airtails will do everything our power to select the best and healthiest puppies available
  6. Ensure we only select the best breeders available to us


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Our Responsibilities to the Breeders


Our breeders are extremely important to us, we want to make sure each breeder is treated with the respect and attention they deserve.

  1. Ensure all breeders receive special care and attention
  2. Find responsible and caring owners for their pups
  3. Provide help and support during the process
  4. Share our breeders contacts to promote the best breeding standards
  5. Assist with and conduct vet checks
  6. Be up front and honest about our sales expectations

Wrap Up

To summarise everything everything we’ve talked about we would just like to emphasis that Airtails really is a company you can trust. We take our responsibilities seriously and we’re always striving to improve everything we do.

Once you “Go Airtails”, you really won’t look back!