Our Promise

Our Promise

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Our promise can be thought of as our “guarantee of high quality service” we offer to all our customers and breeders. There is no sure thing when dealing with pets as anything can happen, however it’s Airtails responsibility and obligation to do everything we can to make sure our pets are safe, healthy and fit and our customers and breeders are satisfied with our services.

Our Priorities

Before we get into the details of what we offer in our promise we would first like to introduce you to our priorities, which actually defines the focus of our promise.

When we first started talking about forming Airtails our team members decided to do things very differently from the rest of the competition out there, after all we’re dealing with pets and this can very unpredictable. Considering the complexity of people involved with the service we offer we decided to base the entire business model and company structure on strict priorities, priorities which actually moulded our energy, processes and methods into a highly a focused effort towards these priorities.
Seriously, these priorities are written into our business plan, directors agreement and even our own responsibilities. We feel extremely passionate about these priorities and we hope you appreciate our decisions and effort.

Airtails Priorities

  1. Pets Safety, Wellbeing and general Livelihood comes first over everything
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Breeders Satisfaction
  4. Business Success
  5. Directors Comfort

These priorities will always be seen throughout our content, our communication and our way of life at Airtails.

If you have an concerns regarding our priorities we’re here to listen so get in touch to tell us more.

What others are doing wrong…

We don’t want to have a rant at all these callous pet shops out there when you would much rather read about what Airtails promises, however we would kindly ask you to take the time to read this brief section on bogus pet guarantees as it may enlighten you about what is actually going on in the pet sales world.

We’re well aware that many pet shops and online pet selling websites etc offer services such as lifetime guarantees, get another pet half price or the worst one “If your pet gets sick we’ll replace it with another pet for up to 10 years”… Seriously, do the people who own these websites or pet shops actually own Pets? I’m more than sure they don’t actually have pets of their own as any respectful pet owner would not tolerate these kinds of service on pets, maybe they would be more acceptable for used xbox games…

Serious pet owners instead understand the bond between owner and companion. It’s an unbreakable trust and respect between humans and animals that only true loving and caring pet owner can describe.
This bond make our pets part of the family, you wouldn’t trade in your son or daughter would you? Actually don’t answer that… 🙂
Maybe we would all trade in our Mother in-laws with a hesitation, but our pets, never!

In fact we actually know for sure that the sole owner of a business which begins with “”e” and ends with “puppy” (not named for legal reasons) doesn’t actually own a dog, nor does he actually like dogs in general… No joke… This is the reality of most online and storefront pet stores. They’re just in it for the money and couldn’t care less about your Pet’s health or wellbeing.

This is an example step by step process detailing what is being offered from these callous pet stores;

  1. You buy your pet with a lifetime or 10 year guarantee, really??
  2. Somewhere down the line the Pet gets sick (can even be within the first few weeks of arrival or even 9 years on), horrible news for you and family, unfortunately dogs are just as vulnerable to health implications as humans so this can happen if the pet shop don’t have any quality standards in place.
  3. Your vet told you these problems are a result of bad breeding
  4. You call the pet store and ask why this has happened? You love Spike and now he’s going to be blind in 6-12 months
  5. They reply “This is nothing to do with us, but if you would like to avail the 10 year guarantee then we can arrange for a new replacements dog for you”… WTF!!! Spike is not a DVD boxset
  6. They also offer you more “Since your getting a new free pet we have to arrange the flight and you have to pay for them, oh and before we forget the prices are set by us and the price is 2-3 times more than last time”…
  7. Lastly they have a small print which states “Oh and if you want to return Spike to us, you’ll have to pay for that flight also at the same high rate” – Now hold here, what are they going to do with poor old Spike who is going to be blind in 6-2 months… Our guess is they either sell him to someone other trusting customer or even through poor Spike out on the streets
  8. If you a responsible pet owner you’ll reply something like “WTF, what are you talking about return Spike, I love him and he’s part of the family, I don’t want another replacement dog, nor do I want to pay thousands more dollars on flights etc, are you crazy?”
  9. The original pet website or store refuse to help out anymore and inform you that’s their terms.

Now if you return poor Spike to them after knowing him for 3 years or even worse, you through him out on the street yourself, you not an Airtails customer!
The kind of owner mentality is exactly what we want to avoid! We do not treat pets like TV’s, it’s not morally correct nor is it decent in human society. It’s just plain wrong…

If you’re like us at Airtails and totally disagree with that kind of treatment of dogs or any other pet for that matter then you’ve come to the right place as Airtails is here to give you a promise, a promise which suits pets owners, a promise which comes from pet owners and a promise which comes from our heart.

Between the 3 primary families involved with Airtails we own 17 dogs!

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We love dogs
We live dogs
We want more dogs…

The Airtails Promise

Ok so let get on to the primary subject, our promise.
Our promise is actually a 3 part promise. This 3 part promise was created to eliminate problems from the start, not offer petty solutions for problems which could have avoided in the first place.

The sad thing is most things the competition are doing wrong (bad breeding and animal cruelty) actually causes the problems in the long run.
Our promise instead looks to avoid all the problems so you and your pet live happy and stress free lives together.

Promise Part 1 – Eradicating Health Problems before they start!

Airtails promise to find you the best, most healthiest pets around, no exceptions. By finding you the best in class parents and breeders we can eradicate health problems before the Puppy is even born!

Instead of just buying any old pet we can find or encouraging bad breeding for profiteering purposes, Airtails actually make a massive effort to search high and low for only the Best Breeders around who Breed the Best Dogs around!

Now, if you think about it, if your dog actually comes from a well established family tree of health and fit dogs which are all purebred pedigree and show line bloodlines, cared for by the world’s best breeders for 5-10 generations, the chances of your pet actually having health problems (even as they get older) are dramatically reduced!

Part 2 – Quality and background checks

Airtails promise that we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your pet is properly cared for and comes from a legitimate background of quality parents and breeders owners.

Pet health and wellbeing is our top priority as you know. Our whole structure is based on that concept, from vets checks, to background checks, breeding evaluations / checks through collection of the pups and of course delivery of the pup.

Here is a few things we do to ensure quality checks are in place:

  1. We perform background checks on all breeders
  2. We perform evaluations on all breeders
  3. We perform background checks on all pets, cross checking all the details with the Kennel clubs
  4. We perform regular breeder visits to promote and maintain standards
  5. We perform evaluations on our customers to ensure they’re circumstances meet the dog breeds demands
  6. We build a database of all the pets we encounter, even the parents. The software we use also uncovers bad breeding tactics so we can monitors all the parents activities
  7. We have approved vet partners who cross check every pup and coordinate with other vets (depending on the age of the pup they could actually have 3 full vet checks before getting on the flight)
  8. We have overseas agents and vet partners to triple check everything
  9. We have a strong dog owner team who work around the clock cross check, researching, processing and conducting quality check activities. Our team are passionate about dogs and their well being making us the perfect judge of character.

Part 3 – Assurance

Airtails promise that none of our Pet will have any hereditary or bad Breeding health complications.

Every Pet owner will know that no Pet can be 100% healthy all it’s life, however, in the unlikely event that your Pet suddenly exhibits any serious health problems within the first year we are here to help 100 per cent of the way with any of your concerns. We can offer support with Vet, advice, moral support and of course financial support.

We won’t be callous about support, offering “free returns” “discount on your next pet” etc. We’ll support you in making sure your pet is cared for and gets back to full health so they can go on living life to its fullest with their new loving family!

Want More information?

If you still not 100% sure about our promise and what assurance Airtails can provide you then we’re happy to discuss your concerns more.

Chat with us now to voice any concerns or provide us feedback our promise.