Our Process

Our Process

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Only the Best

By choosing Airtails you can be sure of a high quality service. We strive for the best in everything at Airtails.

1. Best Breeders

We thoroughly search for and connect with thousands of Breeders throughout Europe, carefully selecting them according to our high standards.

2. Best Pets

Our high quality community of Breeders enables us to select only the best standard of Pets.

3. Best Customers

We work closely with all our customers to make sure they’re the best match for the Pets we source.

Behind the scenes of Airtails

To provide the special additional care and service we offer for our pets, customers and breeders we need to work extra hard.

Let’s take an example pet we post on our website and look into the effort we go into to just get this lovely little pup to his new family.

  1. First, we need to spend weeks building relationships with breeders
  2. It take a great deal of time to build up our breeder database, for starters we need to outreach to 100’s of potential breeders using other contacts and media sources.
  3. Once we find potential breeders we work with them to build trust, do background checks and even do face to face evaluations to get a handle on the breeders capabilities and experience etc.
  4. Once we have signed an agreement with the breeder and got them fully signed up with Airtails we need to keep them in the loop constantly so they can inform us of any upcoming litters.
  5. We also help pair show line breeders up to promote excellent high quality breeding
  6. Once we get word about a litter we need to visit the breeder to see the litter and get a scope on the parents.
  7. We then perform background checks on the parents and we potentially need to do background checks on the stud breeder if he/she is different from the brood breeder. This is fairly common.
  8. Once the litter comes of age, we’ll have to visit the breeders to checkout the litter and get an idea on each pups personality, health and wellbeing.
  9. We also need to arrange a preliminary vet check on the entire rating using one of our pre-approved vets, which we also need to source and register on our database.
  10. If the puppies are of age, we’ll also ask the breeders for get the pups their new microchips, a standard requirement internationally.
  11. Once the vet checks have been complete we need to take photos and videos of all the pets and their parents.
  12. All this media has to then be optimised and processed for our website and media sources.
  13. Now we need to spend time and money for marketing the new pup to potential owners
  14. While we’re waiting for a potential owners we need to keep constant contact with the breeder and do several more vet checks when the pup become of age.
  15. Once the lucky owner comes along we need to discuss the requirements and pups with them, help them along the process and ask for some credential information etc.
  16. Once the puppy comes of age, the breeder may want us to take the pup, in which case we’ll have to setup boarding until the puppy is of age for air delivery.
  17. Before we arrange air transport we need to arrange for import permits, the puppy passport and vaccinations etc
  18. Once we have all the required documents we have to get in touch with the airlines to arrange the transportation.
  19. If the customer is happy with the date and times etc we’ll go ahead and confirm everything.
  20. The dog transport crate will need to be purchased or custom made if the dog is bigger.
  21. We’ll need to get a final vet check a few days before departure, this will give us the final health certificate for air transport.
  22. On the day of the flight we’ll take the pet up to airport and get them checked in safe and sound.
  23. All the documents will be approved and issued to the airlines and export clearance.
  24. Now the puppy flies to their new home!
  25. If your buying from one of our primary destinations and you’ve taken our door to door service, we’ll have someone meet and greet your pup at the airport, get everything sorted at customs office for importation, take the pup to a groomers to get washed and dried, then off to a locally approved vet for final check and local pet registration, before finally be delivered to their new family!
  26. If you’ve not taken the door to door service then you’ll be liaising all the above requirements when your beloved pet arrives at your closest airport
  27. Once your pet has had time to settle into their new home, we’ll be checking up on them and you to see how everything is going, wishing you a happy and fun life ahead with the new family pet.

As you can see from the major points on this list, its major operation Airtails undertakes with every single pet we deliver to new homes.

Managing Customer Expectations

As you can imagine, our customers want a happy experience waiting on their new pet, we try to go a step further by making the process a kind of adventure, something you won’t forget.
We do a lot of things behind the scenes to give customers that extra flare and amazing memories.