Frequently Asked Questions


Our Pets

What health checks and vaccinations are given to your Puppies?

All our Pets will have all necessary vaccinations according to their age, origin country and of course their new home location. All original health documents will be sent with your puppy and you’ll receive the digital copies prior to arrival. Whilst waiting to join their new family, your Pup will have regular vet checks as they age prior to minimum Air travel age. We’ll send you all the vet check certificates also to keep you in the loop.

What training will my Puppy have before pup arrives?

with regards to training it highly depends on age of the Puppy. Every Pup is sourced from highly reputable Breeders around Europe so you can expect above average intelligence in every Pup.  Basic socialising, like getting used to be around people, children other dog breeds can be expected right from the moment the Pup is welcomed to their new home. As the Puppies get older, breeder will start getting them used to walking on leash, sit-stay and fetch commands are also common. Toilet training is started when they are over 12 weeks but as we’re sure you’ll already know, toilet training will have to be done intensively in their new home.

Do all your Pet’s come with Pedigree Certificates?

YES, all our Pet’s come with full Pedigree certificate which are also transferred to your name. This transferal is called an Export Pedigree Certificate. We offer this additional service Free of Charge!

The only exception of Pedigree certificates is when a Breed is not recognised by the Kennel Clubs. Any exceptions will be mentioned on the Puppy page.

Do all Airtails Pet’s have Champion Bloodlines?

We aim to find champion bloodlines Pets and of course champion Breeders!

Any exceptions for champion bloodlines Pet are mentioned on each Pet page.


Buying a Pet from Airtails

When do I have to pay for my chosen Puppy?

We only ask for a 25% deposit on the Puppy cost to reserve your new Pup so we can confirm you as the new owner with the Breeder. The remaining balance of Pup must be settled in full by 12 weeks of age. Shipping amount to be settled 10 days before scheduled agreed arrival date.

See our Purchase Terms & Conditions for more details regarding deposits.

What if I change my mind?

We ask you to think carefully before adopting any Puppy, as owning a dog is a big commitment. If you cancel within first 48 hours, we will refund your deposit in full, minus any charges. After 48 hours, your deposit most likely cannot be refunded as this money would have gone to breeder to reserve your Puppy. We’ll try to recover your deposit but we have we have no guarantee after 48 hours.

See our Purchase Terms & Conditions for more details regarding deposits.

Can I trust Airtails with my credit card details?

We only accept payment through Paypal, an independent payment service. Paypal offer excellent dispute and payment guarantee services. This means you not only have our refund promise but also an independent guarantee via the world biggest online Payment merchant.

See our Purchase Terms & Conditions for more details regarding payments.

What payment methods do you offer?

We only accept Paypal payment for security reasons. We can try to accommodate other payment methods but this would need to be approved on a case by case basis.

Why do I need to complete a Pet Owner Application?

We understand this can be quite frustrating and unconventional, however we are thinking of the Pet’s wellbeing first, any Pet owner (or potential pet Owner) will understand why we want to get some basic details for you.

Our process is not intended to approve or deny your Pet ownership rights, we just want to make sure you’re selecting the right pet according to your circumstances.

We want to find the perfect owners for our pets and the perfect pet’s for customers.  🙂

We reserve the right to refuse a pet to any potential owner which we feel may not make a good fit for our pet.



Where is Airtails located?

We’re actually based around a few different countries including the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and several European Countries.  We also have partners in Jordan who help us with everything in country. With all these locations covered we’re able to source and find the best Pups around  🙂

Where is my Puppy just now?

Your Puppy is with the Breeder, Mother and Siblings. He/She stays with the Breeder until last moment. The Airtails team are in constant contact with the Breeder, always checking up on your Pup to ensure everything your new Puppy is safe and sound,  ready to travel to their new home.

Can I trust Airtails?

Of course! We’re not not a website company looking to make a quick buck… We’re a specialist dog sourcing team trying to make big presence using online media.

It’s hard to trust someone you’ve never met before, we completely understand. You can check out our social media, our customer reviews or why don’t you get in touch with us and we can do a Skype or face to face meeting (if we’re in your country) to reassure you of all the details which concern you.

We’re here to help, don’t hesitate to ask whatever questions you like! We value your trust, trust is what built Airtails, trust with our Breeder community, trust with our vet network, trust in our approved Airline connections and of course trust with our happy customers!



Is my Puppy escorted or accompanied by anyone?

Currently we only offer escort service to Jordan via out in country partner. We’re always looking to expand our escort service so if you would like to double check on this service in your country their feel free to get in touch with us and we can try to work something out. Each escort service is done on a case by case basis and highly depends on the Airlines available.

Is cargo air transport safe?

Pet Air travel is just as safe as human travel. This level of safety is not maintained by all airlines, which is why we carefully choose and control the best pet friendly airlines for safety. All our approved airlines have animal handling staff and air conditioned pressurised cargo space, so your Pet is very well looked after and completely safe.

See our Delivery page for more specific details regarding Pet air travel.

How long does it take to get my new Puppy?

This highly depends on where you live as most countries have different import regulations. We never ship any Pet before the age of 4 months, however some countries require older Puppies for import requirements.


Pet Sourcing

If I cannot find a Puppy or Breed on your site, can you find me one?

Yes of course! We specialise in sourcing Puppies, this is actually how we started Airtails. For this service we ask a returnable deposit of $250. If we can not find the Pup that meets your requirements with in 7-14 days, (depending on breed and type) we’ll refund your deposit in full.

See our Purchase Terms & Conditions for more details regarding deposits.

Where do you get your Puppies from?

We source all our Puppies from Europe. To build out network of Breeders we talk with the community, we’re involved with dog events and show, build relationship with club and of course befriend Breeders from various countries around Europe to ensure we only source the best quality Breeder, who breed the best quality Puppies! Seriously, most of our dogs are show lines!

Our Breed Expert Team have a combined experience of 65 years!!! Yup, we’re kind of old thinking about it… but as I’m sure you’ll know, with age comes wisdom and experience. We use this combined knowledge and our contacts within the Dog breeding network to continuously grow our Breeder database.

What if i don’t like the Puppy you find?

Don’t worry, we always aim to find you some options.

Unless your request is very specific and requires special attention to find rare colour etc, in which case their may be limited Pups available. This will be discussed with you before we start the process.


Our Quality Standards

How can I be sure that I’ll get the Puppy I ordered?

What kind of Pet health guarantees do you have?

As your fully aware there is no such guarantee with Pet health, however we make every single effort possible to ensure all our Pet’s are healthy and clear of any genetic or life threatening health issues.

We conduct very strict Vet exams, background checks of the Breeder, background checks on the parents and of course cross check the details with the local Kennel Club to ensure all records and validated.

We aim to eradicate bad breeding by supporting and promoting only safe and well regulated Breeding throughout our efforts.

By vigorously conducting our quality checks it’s highly unlikely your dog will have major health issues, however if you Puppy is found to have any major health issues we will of course do everything we can to provide you a solution which best suits your situation. Our primary priority is Pet Safety and Wellbeing.

We always advise our customers to obtain Pet insurance for the long run for Pet wellbeing and financial ease no matter which breed you choose or country your located.

All customer vet checks must be done by independent and recognised vets.

Who actually performs your background checks?

Everyone in our team is involved with background checks and quality assurance.

We also adopt a strict approval hierarchy structure for all new Breeder, vet, affiliate and customer applications, which ensures we review the details in checkpoint stages to enforce quality standards are upheld.

We do everything in our power to ensure the Pet’s safety and wellbeing is regarded higher that everything else.


If you can’t find the answers your looking for in our FAQ’s then please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to provide the details your seeking.