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Dog Breed Locator Service – Sourcing Dogs

Want that Dream Puppy?

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We can find any dog for you… Come ahead and challenge us!


Sourcing Dog Breeds is what we do best!

Airtails was founded on the principle of sourcing specific pets for customers. We found many customers could not find their dream breed or even exact coat colour they desired, blue bulldogs being the Airtails teams absolute favourite. 🙂

What is Dog Breed Locator Service?

Basically, if you have a specific pet requirement, we can source the planet for that exact pet. These pet requirements can be something simple like a breed we don’t currently have on our Pet Shop or it may be very complicated such as a rare breed with rare coat colour.

To start the service we take a small deposit as per our purchase terms and conditions, then we go ahead and find that perfect pup for you! It’s that simple!

How we find those lovely unique pets

Through our extensive network of breeders we’ve helped people all over the world find their dream pup.

Using this network of the finest breeders plus our many years of experience, enables us to find any dog you pet you desire.

So if you cannot find the exact breed/colour you are looking for, Airtails can!

Success Stories

We’ve been sourcing all sorts of breeds, colours and specific background dogs for year. Here’s just a few of our favourite 🙂

Blue Colour Bulldog for sale

We found one of our customers this lovely blue bulldog.

Perro De Persa Canario Dog for Sale

We also travelled right to the Canary islands to the this lovely Perro De Persa Canario

Working Line German Shepherd Dogs for Sale

We not only find family pet but also working line dogs, look at this champion working line German Shepherd we source, right from the heart of Germany from the best Breeders in the Region…

Our Breeder Network

All our breeders are extensively and continuously vetted to ensure they meet our high quality standard. We also work with each breeder to help them find perfect matches and help improve their capabilities.

If you’re a breeder, we hope you will become part of our team and join us for this fantastic journey.

See how to become an Airtails Breeder:

Breeder Application Process

Challenge Us

Challenge us to find that “one in a million” pup for you.
All we ask is some basic questions

  1. What Breed are you looking for?
  2. Male or female?
  3. Colour?
  4. Background – Champion status, Show or working lines?
  5. Maximum budget for pup (excluding shipping), remember breeder will always ask for more when seeking rare pups.
  6. When are you looking to have the pup join you and your family?
    Any other information i.e. largest, most friendly, calmest of litter.

Our Requirements

All we ask for is 3 simple requirements:

1. 14 days to find at least 1 pet that meets your requirements. We will keep in regular contact throughout our search.
2. A refundable deposit of $250, this will be used as part of the deposit to hold the pup for you.
3. If we fail to source the pup then the $250 will be refunded

You can Contact Us anytime if you have any questions.

Why not try our Live chat service at the bottom right of your screen or check out our FAQ.

Let’s get started!

Every customer is unique, every dog is unique, why not have your dream pet?

Place a deposit on our shop to get started.

Dog Breed Locator Service