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Contact Us

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Interested in a Puppy on our website or perhaps you want us to source you a particular Breed?

Get in touch with us using any of the methods below and we’ll try to accommodate any request you have as fast as we can.

Got a question?

Before you drop us a chat check out our FAQ pages for common queries and question we receive, you’ll probably find out everything you wanted to ask!


Email – The original digital tool

Drop us an email anytime with as many details as you can so we action you super fast 😄


Live Chat – The super fast way

Our live chat app is positioned at the bottom right of every page. Click on the the app icon to start a live chat or leave a message if our team isn’t available.


Online Form – So easy

Just place all your details in the form below and click submit. You’ll get a confirmation email and we’ll get in touch with you soon after… Ah so simple huh?


Skype Message, Call or Video – Wow let’s do it!

Use Skype on your laptop, tablet or phone? No, well we do! Our team can speak over Skype when we’re online.

Drop us an email and we’ll provide you our Skype username to add us a friend


Connect via Facebook Messenger – oh yes, we love this!

Check out our Facebook Page and start posting to us or send us a private message


Send us a Letter – really??

Ok although we would appreciate the effort we’re only joking 😄.
This would take too long and we aim to be super quick!


Response Speed

We’ll try to respond to every message as soon as possible, however we get 100’s of messages every day so please be patient with us. Your interest with us is highly appreciated.