Breeder Application Process

Breeder Application Process

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Airtails builds it’s entire process around our fantastic network of amazing Breeders. Breeders are just as important to us as the customer.

Without you, the Breeders, we cannot find show quality adorable Puppies, beautiful and healthy Puppies who are cared for with love and affection until they meet their new loving Pet owners.

What to expect

As a registered Airtails Breeders you’ll be treated as though you’re our star customer. This is not flattery, we genuinely appreciate every single Breeder out there. So much so that we offer additional benefits as opposed to trying to find new Pet owners all on your own. We really hope to gain new friends, not business partners.

Why use Airtails?

We find that question comes up a lot when sourcing more Breeders for our network, which rightfully so is a great question.

Airtails knows your needs as a Breeder and we aim to make life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few Breeder benefits Airtails offer:

  1. We performing vetting (background) checks on every customer to ensure your Puppies meet their perfect Owner
  2. We help you with the Vet requirements
  3. We can help you find find other Breeders and aim to help you find perfect Stud and Brood companions.
  4. We look to find new Owners for your Puppies quickly, normally we can find new Pet owners within just a few days
  5. We look to get a fair price for you, calculated on international rates and based on demand requirements
  6. We never exploit you, your Pets and the Puppies. We looking for friends – not suppliers.

It’s easy

To get started with Airtails it’s really easy, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Once the form has been submitted our Breed Expert Team will get in touch with you to ask for some more details and we’ll start the application process.

The Application Process

To ensure we every Airtails Pet’s well being is priority we ask every Breeder to follow our application process.

This process is very straightforward, it’s not a challenge and it doesn’t take long.

We have every faith in our registered Breeders, however to ensure all Dogs under Airtails wings are cared for a respected to the highest standard we need control the flow of new Breeders in our community. Our highest priority is the Pet’s well being, which include the Mother and Father of the litter also.

Any respectful and honest Breeder will understand this requirement.

Breeder Application Process:

  1. Fill out the initial application for at the bottom of this page
  2. Someone from our Breed Expert Team will get in touch by email to discuss the details you provided
  3. We’ll ask for some additional documentation (Previous Pedigree Certificates, Show Certificates and your ID etc)
  4. Note – None of the details above will ever be shared with anyone outside of the Airtails core team. See our **Privacy Policy** for more details
  5. After we’ve reviewed your documents we’ll request a personal visit to your home or if you out of our reaches you’ll be invited for a Skype video call. During this visit / video call we’ll ask some basic questions for our standardised questionnaire. This step as a few benefits as we also get to know you and your breeding experience better. Don’t worry, we’re not looking to trick you or anything along those lines, we just need to make sure you’re the right Breeder for Airtails.
  6. Within a day or two after this meeting meeting and questionnaire completion we’ll be back in touch with your new “Airtails Approved Breeder Certificate”.

Your Part is simple

The above steps may look like a lot of work but it’s actually real simple for you, you only need to do 3 small tasks, we do all the hard work.

Let’s go over your part again once more so you can see how simple our process really is.

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Answer one email by attaching a few documents and let us know the best time to visit you or Skype you
  3. Allow us to visit you at your house or show us around via video call and answer a few very small questions during the visit/video call

Our Expectations

Airtails is new breed of organisation in the canine community. We aim to filter out and abolish bad breeding, inbreeding, Pet cruelty and many many other horrible Pet profiteering tactics. To combat the atrocious acts of cruelty we have some quality expectations from our Breeders.

  1. Broods to be given adequate time for recovery
  2. Strictly no inbreeding
  3. Parents and Pups to be kept in comfortable and safe habitats.
  4. Pups must be the right age for rehoming to their new Owners
  5. All Vet checks to be done on time
  6. All vaccinations and microchips need to be done as soon as the Pup comes of age, no later.
  7. Parents and Pups to be well fed with quality food
  8. Parents, Pups and habitat to be kept clean and hygienic
  9. Full Pedigree parents for Pedigree Breeds

These expectations are not hard to stick by, in fact any reputable and quality Breeder would say these basic requirements are “standard”.

Breeder Registration Form

To get started with our Breeder application process please fill out and submit the form below:

Cant see this embedded form? You can fill out the form directly here