About Us

About Us

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Understanding Us

Airtails is a specialist company founded to help families across the globe find that amazing new pet. We are a combination of well seasoned dog trainers and breeders who formed an amazing team and company to help everyone, anywhere find the perfect companion.

How we started

We didn’t start out with a website and media presence, we started by sourcing dogs for customers. We got good at this, even travelling around the world to find the best standards of dog breeds available.

Airtails was formed to make our effort more focused by working as a team, a team which has taken risks and made sacrifices to make our dream jobs a reality.

Since we formed Airtails we’ve been helping families all over the world find their perfect pet.

What we do

Airtails are essentially a professional dog sourcing team with a online pet shop. We act as an authority figure and mediator for pets, their owners and the breeders worldwide.

We also consider ourself as a brilliant source of advice and information for everyone in the pet world.

How we do it

Airtails team are dedicated to providing the best, healthy and highest quality puppies available for families around the world.

We are the eyes and ears for all our customers searching for a new pet, a consultant if you like. We go above and beyond to provide a top class service ensuring that our customer enjoys the whole experience.

Our experience

Our Team

Our team have a massive amount of experience doing what we do best. With over 65 years of experience between us, we have been working with dogs professionally for the majority of our lives.

Our partners

Our vets and agents are very well seasoned, having more 15 to 30 years experience each. We carefully selected our partners to reflect the Airtails image.

We’re happy Dog Owners

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Our core team consists of 3 different families, which makes us a family run business. More importantly we own a total of 17 dogs between our 3 families. We’ve owned dogs our whole life, we love our pets and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What we want

The Airtails team thrives to be the number one online pet store and dog sourcing service, providing healthy and high quality companions, show and working line dogs.

What makes us different

  1. We regards the pets as our primary priority
  2. Our Pet are the best available
  3. We want to responsible pet owners to find their perfect dream dog, even if they’re half way around the world.
  4. After sales is just as important to us as the sale, we want to see our pets integrated into their new homes.
  5. We want the process of finding your new family pet to be an enjoyable and stress free journey for both pet and owner
  6. We value our pets, customers and breeders with the highest regards, we all make it work together.

Our Vision for the Future

Airtails will set the standards worldwide, changing the way potential pet owner buy puppies. We hope to abolish bad breeding practices and set an example of how people treat dogs.

Our Locations

We’re primarily located out of Hungary but we have representatives based in the UK, UAE and Jordan.

Get in touch via live chat to find out more information.  😀