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for you

Airtails is a pet specialist family run business. We're dedicated to providing the best,

healthy and highest quality puppies available for families around the world.

Want to find your dream pet companion?

Maybe you want to easily select the perfect puppy?

Need to be sure your pet is healthy and well-bred?

You're not the only one looking for these simple requirements in a pet.

Pets are our life

We sell Puppies to nearly every country in the world, using only the best breeders from Europe, which meet our strict quality standards.

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Airtails has you covered

Air Delivery using “Pet Class”

All our puppies are delivered directly to you by air using our safe and comfortable process.

We can delivery nearly anywhere in the world.

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Want a specific dog breed or even coat colour?

Even if we don’t have your dream breed or pup available on pet shop, we can source the perfect pup for you,

to your exact needs…

Let us know more about your dream pet.

Hear what our customers have to say


We wanted to thank you for all your help in finding Roxy and getting her here with us in the UK.


You do not know how much joy and happiness you have bought to my family!


Thanks Airtails. He is the best. So intelligent his training is well underway already. Just love him.

Our Pets come First

We put pet safety and well being first over everything else.

To ensure our pets come first we’ve made a promise to our pets, customers and breeders using a list of priorities we conduct our business by.

Reasons to choose Airtails

We do all the work for you

We’re very experienced - over 65 years to be exact

Airtails is UK owned and managed with decades worth of knowledge

Our dogs and health screened, reducing the chance of paying extensive vet bills later

You don’t need to travel around looking for breeders and litters etc, we do that for you.

We can find any pups, including coat colours, breed grades, hypoallergenic, low shedding etc

Need more reasons to choose Airtails?

Sure check out

Who are Airtails?

Airtails is a combination of well seasoned dog trainers and breeders who formed an amazing team and company to help everyone, anywhere find the perfect companion. Our simplest description would be we’re essentially a professional dog sourcing team with a online pet shop.

Since forming Airtails, we’ve been helping families all over the world find their perfect pet.

What makes us different?

We regards our pets as our primary priority

We want the process of finding your new family pet to be an enjoyable and stress free journey for both pet and owner

After sales is just as important to us as the sale, we want to see our pets integrated into their new homes.

Our Pets are the best available

We Love Dogs

Everyone working for Airtails owns Dogs, we love them, we cherish them and as such we would never offer a dog to a customer we wouldn’t happily own ourselves. We actually own 17 dogs between our team of 5.

Our team have a tremendous amount of experience doing what we do best. With over 65 years of experience between us, we’ve been working with dogs professionally for the majority of our lives.

If you're as passionate about dogs as much as we are, you’ve came to the right place.

What we offer every customer

We are the eyes and ears for all our customers searching for a new pet, a consultant if you like. We go above and beyond to provide a top class service ensuring that our customers enjoys the whole experience.

We treat every customer on a case by case basis and offer our unique promise to every customer.

Check out our Promise for more details

Problems we solve for you

You want a top quality / show quality pet

You find it impossible to find a rare breed

You’ve got your heart set on a certain coat colour

Cannot find quality / pedigree dogs

Good breeders are too far away

You're not sure what to look for in a litter

Need some advice? Check out our guide

Only the Best!

We set the quality standards, we carry out the work, we love our jobs and we love everything about dogs. 🙂

We use the highest standards throughout our pet selection process with both breeders and puppies.

Our pets are checked by an approved vet 3-5 times before flying out to their new owners. Check out how we control all the quality aspects of the process.

Happy Customers


Can't believe we have our new addition to our family thanks to airtails. She is everything we had asked for.


Wow, Thanks Airtails for this beautiful girl we can't believe how lucky we are to have such a beautiful natured dog with our kids.


Just wanting to make a quick note to say that we couldn't thank you enough for our little baby Bella.

Benefits of using Airtails

We agree, the best way to choose a pup is to visit the breeders yourself. But in todays hectic schedules, it is not always practical to do this yourself, even more so, it’s difficult for to find that dream pup even if you have the time.

Dog Health / Breed Quality

Vast Experience and expertise

We pick dogs we would own ourself

Dogs are our absolute passion

Time to get excited…

It’s super simple to get started with Airtails.

You can place a deposit to secure one of our pets in the Pet Shop

Or you can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss all your requirements.

Live chat is available at the bottom right of your screen for a quick chat.

Once you “Go Airtails”, you really won’t look back!